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Glo are introduce  currently the Cheapest Glo tariff plan available for prepaid plan customers. Some of these comes with bonus data or free mb. Glo Tariff Plans and benefits also include cheap call rate

Glo call tariff plan comes with additional complimentary gifts, for example,
Free Data
Boundless free SMS
SMS @ ₦3
Shoddy 11k/s call rates on Glo and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.
Look over Glo’s diverse range of voice/SMS plan, what suits your identity, spending plan, style, exercises or different inclinations.
Glo Tariff designs and Packages
Glo 11k/s Prepaid Plan
Glo Bounce Tariff Plan
Glo Jollific8 Tariff Plan
Glo Talk Special and Twin Bash Plan
Glo Infinito Tariff Plan
Glo Generation G Prepaid Plan
Glo Free Tomorrow Tariff Plan
Glo BUMPA Tariff Plan
Glo G-BAM Tariff Plan
Glo 11k/s Prepaid Plan
This is a basic level tariff plan for which prepaid customers appreciate amazingly reduced call rate @ 11k/s to ALL network and top 30 worldwide location.
The top 30 worldwide location that customers can call at 11k/s include Australia, Bangladesh, Brunei, Canada, China, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, French Guiana, Guam, Japan, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Luxembourg, Malta, Mongolia, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Puerto Rico, Reunion Island, Romania, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, UK, US.
It is important to note that when you don’t use your line in a day, the N5 daily access fee will still be deducted. So, you have to continue using, in order not to lose.
Step by step instructions to migrate to Glo 11k/second prepaid plan
To enjoy this energizing offer, simply dial *211#. Meanwhile, day by day expense of ₦5 is charged on the principal call of the day and is legitimate till 11.59pm every day
Glo Bounce Tariff Plan
Glo Bounce tarrif plan is one the best and aggressive tarrif plan that enables prepaid customers to call for as low as 15k/s level rate to all Networks; for Campus Zone Rate Onnet-11k/s, Offnet-15K/s and 11k/s to different customers on the Glo Bounce Plan. SMS rate is ₦3 per SMS.
Glo Bounce tariff plan is the best and competitive flat rate tariff to all networks with unlimited and unique value most especially for our upwardly mobile customers.
Note that you can make calls go as low as 15k/s flat-rate to all networks and as low as 11k/s to your friends who switch to or are on the Glo Bounce Plan.
For those who want bonus on recharges, dial *170*5# to join generation G and enjoy:
50% bonus on recharge of N100
100% bonus on recharge of N200
200% bonus on recharge of N500 and above
Discounted Campus zone rates
Discounted Peeps rate to others on Generation G
Free 15MB on every recharge of N200 and above
Unlimited free SMS
How to migrate to Glo Bounce
To migrate to Glo bounce, just dial *170*4# and start enjoying Glo Bounce.
Glo Jollific8 Tariff Plan
The Glo Jollific8 tariff plan is extraordinarily intended to offer new prepaid clients eight times more an incentive on each recharge. Likewise, new clients enjoys Voice and Data reward on each recharge.
Glo Jollific8 offers new endorsers 800% more incentive on each recharge from N100 or more. Clients get 8 times rewards, including the reward to call every single network. The following are the prizes you will get on each recharge:
When you recharge your line with N100, you will get N800 + 10MB (N50) = N850
When you recharge with N200, you will get N1,600 + 25MB (N100) = N1,700
When you recharge with N500, you will get N4,000 + 50MB (N200) = N4,200
When you recharge with N1,000, you will get N8,000 + 100MB (N400) = N8,400
When you recharge with N5,000, you will get N40,000 + 500MB (N2,000) = N42,000
Step by step instructions to Migrate to Glo Jollific8 Tariff Plan
On the off chance that you need to migrate to Glo Jollific8 Tariff Plan, you need to purchase another Glo Sim. At that point enroll and get it activated. This implies you will be on Jollific8 tariff plan. From that point onward, simply dial *123*Pin# and you are ready.
To check your data balance, simply dial #122# and for data gifting, dial *606#
Glo Talk Special and Twin Bash Plan
This is the blend of Glo Talk Special and Glo Twin Bash tariff plan. It is the best offer from GLO Nigeria and it is presently the most utilized tariff plan by Glo clients.
For instance, activating it with N100 subscription will give you N400 talk-time to call all networks while 75MB data goes up N300.
All you need to do is to simply dial *303# and select the bundle of your choice. You can check your Talk Special bonus balance by dialing *606# on your Glo Line. To transfer the Gift data, just dial *606# and follow the prompt to transfer data to any Glo customer.
It is worthy to note that you cannot share the free data when you are on this plan.
Glo Twin Bash Plan offers prepaid customers six times the value of the recharge to subscribers and additional data to gift to another Glo customer for free, for those who uses more data and less voice.
For instance, when you recharge with N200 you will get 125MB data worth N500, part of which is 25MB data for subscribers to give out as gift to another Glo customer and N200 talk-time to call all networks.To subscribe to the New Glo Twin Bash Package, recharge with *223*PIN# or *303# for the bundle package.
Glo Infinito Tariff Plan
The Glo Infinito is a straightforward prepaid tariff plan with appealing calling rates to ANY network in Nigeria. It is the least expensive getting rate to contact your family, companions, and partners. Glo Infinito is an excellent and straightforward prepaid tariff plan with no shrouded charges, no rental payments and no conditions.
With Glo Infinito, you can make calls to ANY network in Nigeria at 20K/s from first to the last second of your call. Family and Friends rate of 11k/s implies you can call as often as possible 10 family, companions, and partners at 11k/s once you enlist their numbers.
Step by step instructions to Migrate to Glo Infinito
To migrate, simply dial *100*9*2#. you can include 10 family and companions numbers by dialing *101*1*Mobile No#.
Glo Generation G Prepaid Plan
The Glo Generation plan is a prepaid plan that gives clients BONUS ON ALL RECHARGES and the accompanying extra unequaled advantages
Highlights of Glo Generation Prepaid Plan
Here are a few highlights of Glo G plan.
first 120 seconds of the day on local calls is charged at 40k/s, from that point:
– 20k/s on-net rate
– 30k/s off-net rate
– Discounted Campus zone rate to all network
– Discounted Peeps rate to Generation G customers
half reward on recharge of N100
100% reward on recharge of N200
200% reward on recharge of N500 or more
Reward can be utilized for calls and SMS to ALL Networks in Nigeria
Free 15MB on each recharge of N200 or more
1 free SMS for 1 charged SMS
The most effective method to migrate to Glo Generation Plan
To migrate to Glo G plan, simply dial *170*5# to enjoy these incomparable rates.
Glo Free Tomorrow Tariff Plan
Glo free tomorrow is one unique plan that can offer you DOUBLE of your every day use back the following day on Glo Free Tomorrow. When you are on Glo Free tomorrow, whatever you utilize today, you get DOUBLE back FREE TOMORROW. You will get back twofold what you use consistently the following day without any conditions appended to it. This is the first of its kind in the telecom business.
Instructions to migrate to Glo Free Tomorrow
To migrate to Glo free tomorrow, simply dial *300# and you get back Double your day by day utilization the following day.
Glo BUMPA Tariff Plan
We have talked about this as of now in our past post. The Glo BUMPA plan offers 200% reward on each recharge from N100 or more. This is the most financially savvy tariff plan in the market and giving 3 times the estimation of whatever is recharged. For instance, when you recharge N100, you will get N300. Note that the 200% reward is on each recharge until the end of time.
The most effective method to migrate to Glo BUMPA
To migrate to Glo BUMPA, simply dial *100*10*1#
Glo G-BAM Tariff Plan
Glo G-BAM bundle enables Glo clients to call five extraordinary numbers at just 11k/s and enjoy 5MB free perusing each day. It offers a one of a kind recommendation to the Nigerian Youths making it workable for them to browse, enjoy Facebook, Twitter e.t.c.
Step by step instructions to migrate To Glo G-BAM
To migrate to G-Bam, simply dial *100*5*1# now!
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